Get down to PA’s This WEEKEND! 4.16- 4.19

PA’s is digging into the spring just like you now that it’s nice out. I mean, we have been doing just that all winter, but now you’re not afraid to leave your warm house with Hulu. But, you still need a reason to get down to PA’s and not stay at home watching Wilfred Season 4… And, here they are.

1. Goose Island’s IPA is now on tap.
2. Ambushed is headlining on Friday. Hear their interview on WEMF Radio w/ Rob Potylo HERE
3. Lure of the Animal has a furocious female lead singer
4. You get to meet Bryan Murphy of The Shills. He is working sound on Saturday night.
5. PA’s has the MLB network. So when the Sox are done with The Orioles you can see some ball happening on the west coast.
6. Minnesota all female act, Sick of Sarah is playing w/ The Last Year, Viva Gina and Night Mayor on a special SUNDAY show!

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